From Paris, Bordeaux
& Bassin d’Arcachon with love.

In Paris and Bordeaux, Joyance Journey is leading the revival of luxury concierge services.
As creators of the art of living, we create experiences for you that transcend the ordinary.
A tailor-made service that adapts to your desires and your state of mind, for exploring
the surroundings of the Pearl of Aquitaine or for unforgettable moments in the heart
of the City of Light.

Joyance Journey is an invitation to authentic luxury and elegance. We imagine an art
of living inspired by your lifestyle. Unique, rare experiences that evoke joie de vivre
and emotion: falling asleep one-on-one with the rooftops of Paris, living the life
of a château in Bordeaux, tasting contemporary or Michelin-starred French cuisine,
walking the catwalks or world-class golf courses.

« With us, you explore with elegance »

« The beauty of Paris, Bordeaux and the Bassin d’Arcachon fascinates us at every turn. We marvel at the picturesque streets filled with the life of every inhabitant & the majestic & historic monuments. The Bay of Arcachon always reveals enchanting landscapes, from sparkling lagoons to golden sandbanks and emblematic cabins. These gems invite us to travel, blending the grandeur of nature with architectural elegance. »

Designing the art of living​

« Tailor-made friends & family experiences »

We look forward
to welcoming you

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The Joyance team